1. Santa's little helpers and toy builders are known as:

A) Elves
B) Jawas
C) Hobbits
D) Munchkins

2. Santa lives with Mrs. Claus:

A) On a Caribbean island
B) At the North Pole
C) In an Alaskan igloo
D) In a flat in the Bronx

3. Why does Rudolph get to lead Santa's sleigh?

A) He's the biggest
B) His nose is so bright
C) He's Santa's favorite
D) Because he's cool

4. Which of the following is not one of Santa's reindeer?

A) Comet
B) Cupid
C) Dasher
D) Murray

5. Santa carries all of his toys in:

A) a decorative tin
B) a magical sack
C) the bed of an El Camino
D) his pocket

6. What is Santa's favorite Christmas Eve snack?

A) Milk and cookies
B) Broccoli
C) Pizza and root beer
D) Nachos

7. Santa Claus is also known as:

A) Saint Nick
B) Father Christmas
C) Kris Kringle
D) All of the above

8. Santa's nose has been described as looking like:

A) a beak
B) a parallelogram
C) a mass of molecules
D) a cherry

9. Santa's sleigh is powered by:

A) Flying reindeer
B) Uranium
C) Solar cells
D) Magical hamsters

10. How does Santa usually enter a house on Christmas Eve?

A) Through the TV
B) Down the chimney
C) With a key
D) By particle accelerator